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Our award winning cocktail, winning the most creative cocktail at London Cocktail Week 2015.




Standard Cocktails: £10.95

Margarita – “One of the most popular cocktails of all time! And for good reason”

Daiquiri – “Always do sober what you said you’d do drunk” –

Ernest Hemingway

Cosmopolitan – “A sexy combination of Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry and lime juice with a hint of orange bitters”

Mojito – “A party favorite around the globe”

Pina colada – “An escape to paradise - Sweet and tasty bringing a special combination of rum and coconut”

Cuba Libre – “A classic cocktail for the new era” – “I prefer rum, rum is good” –

Jack Sparrow

Bellini – “Prosecco in it’s finest combination”

Special Cocktails: £12.95

Old Fashioned –“A timeless classic and mad man favourite”


Espresso Martini – “One Marini is alright, two is too many, three is not enough” -

James Thurber

Mai Tai – “Out of this world cocktail bringing the best combination of rum”


Long Island IceTea – "A cocktail that makes your taste buds dance."

Signature Cocktails:

The Patron GOLD Cosmopolitan – “A RICH and flavoursome combination designed to make you fall in love with it” £35

Kir Royale – “The classic and delicious champagne cocktail that everyone

loves” £25

XO Sparkler - "A sophisticated combination of Patron tequila and Champagne" £25



Mocktails: £7.00

Elimary’s Cocktail – “The two raspberries WORK their magic with this drink”

Nojito – “One of the most popular mocktails”

Shirley Temple – “GOOD LUCK needs no explanation” – Shirley Temple

Atomic Cat – “A mocktail with a twist of orange that you will not forget”

Cinderella – “The taste of innocence in a fruity mocktail”

13th Peach Fruit – “Refreshing and made with style”

Finally, after dinner comes the party! Welcome the newly launched Spartans Cocktail Taxi, the first cocktail delivery service in London. The VW camper van dressed as a mobile bar comes to your doorstep with a bartender on board to mix ‘n’ shake. The best bit? It’s available 24 hours.


Business Address:


21 Kings Avenue,


London, UB6 9BZ