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Interesting Facts:




Drinks that have been muse for great writers:

Ernest Hemingway and his love for Mojito and Daiquiri:

Hemingway’s name has been associated with many cocktails over the years. We all heard of the legend about the origins of the famous Cuban cocktail, Mojito, in the well-known bar “La Bodeguita del Medio” in Havana, but very few know about Hemingway and Daiquiri. The legend says that he used to drink 16 glasses of Daiquiri in one afternoon. The bartender from “El Floridita” used to make the drinks for the famous writer, in which together with the rum he used to add lime juice, sugar and a drop of grapefruit juice. Testimony to Hemingway love for Mojito and Daiquiri is his well-known quote written on the walls of “La Bodeguita del Medio”: “I drink my Mojito in Bodeguita and Daiquiri in Floridita”.

F. Scott Fitzgerald – the gin lover:

Everyone knows the author of “Great Gatsby” but few know his passion for gin in all possible combinations. His favourite was Gin Rickey which is made with gin but in some cases it can be replaced with scotch or rum. Fitzgerald was known as an alcoholic even since college and in the ‘2o he was famous for the scandals he was starting because of his alcohol problem.

Truman Capote – the passion for a colourful cocktail:

The writer is known for his alcohol problems and he always used to say: “This job is a long journey through drinks”. His favourite drink was “The Screwdriver”, a cocktail made with vodka and orange juice. When he was writing “In Cold Blood” he used to drink a double martini before lunch and a cocktail with mint cream after lunch. He was constantly trying to get rid of his drinking problems but he couldn’t stay away from alcohol more than a few months.

Ian Fleming – Martini for James Bond:

Ian Fleming made the Vesper Martini cocktail the signature drink of agent 007. That is the first drink that agent 007 asked for in the book series. Later on the writer gives his character

a Vodka Martini but it didn’t leave the same impact. We don’t know if Fleming was a big drinker of Martini but it is interesting to know that in total James Bond ordered 19 Vodka Martini and 16 Gin Martini in all the books written by Fleming.

Tennesse Williams – Ramos Gin:

The author of “The cat on a hot tin roof” brought in discussion, in his book, a problem which he was having in real life, alcoholism. The drink that Williams used to mention a lot in his writings is Ramos Gin, a drink with origins in New Orleans, made from egg, whipped cream, lemon, gin and soda water with floral flavour.

William Faulkner – mint flavour romances:

“There is nothing that cannot be cured with a good whisky”, Falkner always used to say. Therefore his favourite drink was made from whisky, water and sugar and mint syrup. The name of this drink was Mint Julep! Faulkner won the Nobel Prize on 1949 but this didn’t stop him from his drinking problems.

The origins of Bloody Mary:

This well-known cocktail brings together vodka, tomato juice, pepper, lemon, celery as well as many other possible flavours. There are many stories about the origins of Bloody Mary – one of the first vodka based cocktails. Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd. will present two of the most popular and well known stories which relate to the origins of this “cocktail”.

One of the stories related to the origins of this cocktail even if it seems quite interesting, at the same time it seems historically unlikely. Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd. found this in many references to the origins of it, therefore being the first 24h cocktail delivery service and having this cocktail in our menu we feel responsible of giving our customers as many interesting facts about our cocktails. The legend says that the drink is the expression of Mary I, Queen of England around mid XVI century, daughter of Henry the VIII and Catherine of Aragon which had a very aggressive and violent character.

The other story that is related to the origins of Bloody Mary seems to be more credible. In 1920, in Paris, the bartender of Harry’s New York Bar, Fernand Petiot decides to experiment and mixes together an equal quantity of vodka and tomato juice. It has been suggested to him by the owner of the bar to name the cocktail “Bloody Mary”. By that time he had no idea that what he just invented will become one of the most loved cocktails, which Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd. will delivers at customer’s door. In 1934, Petiot moved to America and started to work at King Cole Bar in St Regis Hotel, New York. He brought with him the new cocktail recipe he invented, but unfortunately at the beginning it didn’t had the same success as in Paris. So at the suggestions of his new clientele, Petiot decided to spice it up with different ingredients like black pepper, Worcester sauce, lemon and even in some cases Tabasco sauce.

Spartans CocktailTaxi Ltd. believes that the principle that stays at the base of preparing a delicious and tasty cocktail is exploiting your imagination. Our imagination and creativity, together with some outstanding ingredients created a tasty and unforgettable Bloody Mary cocktail ready to be delivered to our customer’s door.

Cocktails & Personalities:

Have you ever wondered what does your favourite drink says about your personality?

Spartans CocktailTaxi has!

Same as your fashion style brings up different features of your character, your favourite drinks says a lot about your personality.

Summer is not only the season of holidays but also the season of cocktails and delicious refreshing drinks. With this reason in mind, Spartans CocktailTaxi thought to make a top of the most popular cocktails. Read and discover what your favourite cocktail says about your personality.


You are a sophisticated person, which pays attention to the way you look. For you, the appearance comes first, that’s why you always take care of your wardrobe and body. Urban gossip relaxes you and, at the same time, is a delight when you are around your friends enjoying this delicious cocktail, just like Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.

Pina Colada:

Independent and modern, the person that prefers a tasty Pina Colada cocktail knows what he/she wants from life. And doesn’t need anyone to get what they want. The confidence that you have in yourself will help you accomplish anything you desire. That’s why Jack Sparrow loves rum and coconut!


You most certainly do not have a dull life, but as well as James Bond you don’t want people around you to know this. Mysterious and interesting will be the perfect words to describe the person that loves a well done Martini. You are not the type of person to get your friends bored with your daily stories. You rather share with them a part of the exciting things that you come across daily, as well as you love offering them life lessons.

Naughty or Nice:

You like to shock the people around you. The person that loves this cocktail likes being the centre of attention. You always want to prove to the others that you are an experienced person, but things are not always like that. Deep down in your heart you are waiting for that person that will sweep you off your feet, just like Richard Gere.

Finally, after dinner comes the party! Welcome the newly launched Spartans Cocktail Taxi, the first cocktail delivery service in London. The VW camper van dressed as a mobile bar comes to your doorstep with a bartender on board to mix ‘n’ shake. The best bit? It’s available 24 hours.


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